If you are aged 18 or over and have assets of any kind then it is important that you make a Will 


Make a Will to be certain that :-


- The persons, charities or other organisations that you would like to give your assets to, do in fact get them

- That the persons who you would entrust with your affairs are appointed as Executors or Trustees to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

- To avoid paying inheritance tax on the assets that you worked hard to attain during your lifetime.


If you do not make a Will your Estate will be administered in accordance with the rules of Intestacy and persons may  benefit from your Estate who you would not otherwise have wanted to benefit. A carefully drafted Will is necessary to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your express wishes by people who you trust to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Careful advance planning in tandem with a properly drafted Will, will ensure that your Estate does not incur inheritance tax unnecessarily.


We provide a Will drafting service designed to clearly set out who you wish to administer your estate and who is to benefit from your assets on your death whilst taking into account any inheritance tax implications on your death.


If you are potentially liable for inheritance tax on your death we can refer you to a specialist tax advisor who can advise you how to minimize any potential inheritance tax liability.





When you or a family member die your or their property and assets belong to your or their  Estate. If the value of  the Estate exceeds a certain amount then, if there is a valid Will, an application will have to be made to the Court for a Grant of Probate or, if no Will exists, then for a Grant of Letters of Administration.


We assist Executors or Personal Representatives in administering an Estate. We provide the following service:


- Ascertain the assets and liability of the Estate

- Obtain property or asset valuations where required

- Publish a Statutory Notice to Creditors in the Belfast Gazette and local press if applicable

- Complete the application to the Court for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

- Complete the relevant HMRC documentation (instructing Accountants if required to assist)

- Liaise with and advise the Executors/Trustees or Personal Representatives throughout the process

- Complete the transfer or conveyance of real property where required

- Discharge debts due from the Estate including tax payable where required

- Distribute bequests and legacies to beneficiaries and persons entitled

- Ensure that the Deceased's wishes as per the Will are carried out in full

- In cases of Intestacy, ensure that the persons entitled are identified and assets distributed accordingly


We have been administering Estates for 25 years and are well acquainted with the various issues that can arise. We provide an efficient and cost effective service.


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