We have over 25 years experience in the property market in Northern Ireland.


If you are selling or buying residential or commercial property then contact us for a competitive quotation for legal fees.


We are on the mortgage panels of all the major Lenders in the UK.


We have extensive knowledge and experience in the property sector having advised buyers and sellers for 25 years. We can guide you through the sales/purchase process from start to finish, providing clear and unambiguous advice every step of the way. We are aware of all the issues and problems that can arise and will steer you through any issues that arise.


We also provide the following property related services:-


- Commercial Leases

- Residential Tenancy Agreements

- Advice on Landlord and Tenant Issues

- Repossession Proceedings

- Remortgages





We are members of the Law Society of Northern Ireland Home Charter Scheme which regulates the provision of conveyancing services by the legal profession in Northern Ireland. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that the scheme members deliver a quality conveyancing service to their clients. 


In compliance with the scheme we provide written quotations to each client setting out our fees and charges for each transaction together with detailed information on the service we will provide. We adhere to the scheme regulations to ensure that we provide a professional and quality assured service to our clients. 


Payment Diversion Scams – Home Buyers


Home buyers in the UK are being targeted by criminals to pay away considerable sums of money via what are called ‘Payment Diversion Scams’.

Typically, the scammers infiltrate the solicitor’s email account and once they’ve analysed the contents of the compromised account, they usually have enough information to write a convincing / legitimate-looking email to existing clients, requesting money to be paid (e.g. deposits for purchases) to accounts controlled by fraudsters.

The sums involved are significant due to the nature of the transactions, often property purchases. Losses such as these can result in property sales falling through and huge emotional distress to clients affected, either directly or within the chain.


Provision of Bank Account Details

Please note we will not contact you by email with our firm's Bank account details nor should you send an email containing your Bank account details to us (or indeed to anyone else).


Fraudsters are currently attempting to intercept emails between Solicitors and their clients or other correspondents which contain the intended receiving party's bank account details. The fraudster then inserts their own bank account details into the intercepted email. Believing that the details of the Bank account have been sent by their own Solicitors, the paying party then sends money by BACS or Telegraphic Transfer to that fraudulent account.


If an online banking transaction is required, we will let you have our Bank account details by letter, fax or by telephone to facilitate payment by BACS or Telegraphic Transfer.


N.B. When speaking by telephone, please ensure that the person you speak to has sufficient knowledge of your case to verify you are speaking to your Solicitors. While we are not aware of any of our firm's clients having been affected by this scam, it is sensible to put in place precautions against falling prey to such fraudsters by avoiding any disclosure of bank account details by email.







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